Foster A Dog

Why Foster?
The main reason to foster is to help save lives of very deserving dogs! We currently only have a few permanent foster homes, which limits the number of lives we save. Fostering is certainly a large commitment, but the rewards are endless! As a foster parent, you gain constant companionship, experience with different types of dogs, and the knowledge that you are helping to save a life and provide very deserving dogs with loving and permanent homes.

Some dogs are adopted quickly and may only stay in their foster home for a few days, while others may be around for a few months until they find their perfect forever home. For every home that fosters 10 months a year, we can save approximately 6 dogs (and even more puppies as they tend not to stay in homes that long). Underdog Ranch will work with your specific needs to provide you with a foster dog that best suits your home (i.e. if you have children, only want to foster puppies or small dogs, have a fenced in yard, etc.). The organization will also provide you with everything you need to successfully foster a dog, including information and support, food, crates, bowls, treats, leashes, medicine, etc.

Why not to Foster (Yes, you read it right!)
Fostering requires a significant amount of time and dedication to providing a happy, safe, and healthy environment for our dogs. Fostering a dog can require an extra 1-3 hours per day that will have to fit into your schedule (walking/exercising, feeding, playing with, and loving the dog). Many of our volunteers work full-time and foster, so it’s certainly possible! However, if you are not ready to devote at least 1-3 hours a day to a new dog, fostering is probably not for you. Introducing a foster dog to your household (both 2 and 4 legged family members) can be a challenge and takes time and patience to fully acclimate the new dog. If there are ever any issues, experienced Underdog Ranch volunteers will help you work through them! If fostering sounds like too much for you, please see our volunteer page here for many other types of volunteer opportunities.

The Rewards of Fostering
The best reward a foster parent will experience is seeing one of their foster dogs set off with their new family, everyone all smiles and eager to start their lives together! Even more exciting is getting an update a few months (or even years) after the adoption with a picture of the happy dog with his/her new family. Fostering is a large commitment, but nothing replaces the feeling that you helped an abandoned, abused, or neglected dog to have a fantastic loving and caring permanent home!

If you think you can open your heart and home to foster a dog in need, please fill out a volunteer application here.