Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! Volunteers are truly the backbone of our organization and we greatly value the time and energy our volunteers put forth to help deserving dogs find loving homes.

There are a variety of ways in which you can help Underdog Ranch Pet Adoptions, ranging from updating our website to fostering a dog.  Underdog Ranch will provide any and all assistance in helping you to be the best volunteer possible including training, guidance, supplies, and more. Please see descriptions below and fill out one of our volunteer applications here if you’re interested in helping with one (or several) of the positions below.

Foster Care
We believe that every dog deserves a great home with a loving family. Until we can find each dog this type of home, all dogs are kept in the loving care of their foster guardian. Foster guardians open their homes and hearts to the many dogs that need Underdog Ranch’s help. Foster homes handle a multitude of responsibilities including (but not limited to): feeding the dog a healthy diet, teaching basic obedience, providing a safe home, vet visit transportation, medication dispersal, and lots of love until they can be adopted into a permanent home. You may foster one or several dogs at a time and our dog coordinators will do their best to match you with a foster dog that suits your lifestyle. Please click here for more detailed information on fostering.

Adoption Event Staffing
Underdog Ranch adoption events are held on various Saturdays during the year at assorted locations throughout the Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and surrounding towns/cities). These events provide those interested in adopting an opportunity to meet our wonderful dogs in person. The events also provide Underdog Ranch volunteers with an opportunity to meet prospective adoptive owners and answer their questions and/or provide them with information about our organization. Events also give us a chance to carefully screen prospective owners to determine if they can provide a permanent and loving home for an Underdog Ranch dog. As an adoption event volunteer, your job may include holding dogs and introducing them to prospective owners, assisting with the application process, and helping answer questions about our dogs and our organization. You may also “specialize” and help with one specific task such as reviewing applications or walking dogs if you prefer.

Website/Newsletter Maintenance
For those of you who’d like to volunteer but need to be at home, we have the job for you! Our website and newsletter are essential in helping to spread the word about our organization and require continual maintenance to make sure they’re up-to-date and accurate. If you are “tech-savvy” (or even if you’re not – we’ll teach you!) we would greatly appreciate your help in making our communications the best they can be.

Have a little spare time on your hands but can’t really foster a dog? We often need help transporting dogs from one location to another (shelters, foster homes, vets, etc.). We have a need for both local and the occasional “distance traveling” (to pick up or deliver a dog in another state). If you enjoy traveling companions and helping deserving dogs get to their destination, we’ve got the job for you!

Have a special talent that you’d like to share with us? Think you can help in a way that’s not listed above? We would love to hear your suggestions! We are always in need of volunteers who can help our dogs find loving homes. If you’re interested in photographing our dogs for the website, working on obedience training with our dogs, or creating a new brochure – we’re open to any and all suggestions and welcome your unique skills.